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Heri enjoying the fresh air from the sea

I have a bachelor and M.s.c. in Electrical Engineering (Télécom sudParis, France) as well as a graduate degree from Canadian business school HEC Montréal.

My daily work is dedicated to health, fitness and well-being. You can read more about this work here. With my work experience and degrees, this means I am singularly focused on health technology and applications.

  • Like many, I have been through acute social and environmental stress, poor diet and all the associated consequences and symptoms, including but not limited to pre-diabetes. Our culture is geared towards excess, and unfortunately, it’s all too easy to destroy life. In my humble opinion, the «system» is not there to prevent complex chronic diseases or cure but continuously prescribe pills without a focus on the overall health picture of the patient and underlying causes of symptoms. Many doctors are content at maintaining their patient’s condition, and unfortunately do not have  enough education in nutrition, physical exercise, environmental toxins, stress management or rest and recovery techniques. As such, I promote that each take an active and serious role in their health and well-being instead of relying on the «system »
  • This publication is self-therapeutic. I approach every subject and also every reader with a sense of humility and real curiosity, even with readers to whom it might be difficult to relate to. I do not see myself as merely writing “health advice”, but to help readers through life struggles, being there with and for the person, and advise them as I would like to be treated. If you comment or email me (dailyhealthpoints@gmail.com), I always aim to seek a meaningful connection and look into achieve balance. It lets me find meaning and renew energy.
  • Activities : I enjoy running, especially running in the nature (35km/week), cycling (50km/week) and occasional ultimate frisbee with friends. (Garmin profile). I also believe it’s key to rest and recover, and switch off your mind from daily stress, as written on this site.
  • Nutrition is mostly low carb high fat but instead on tracking macro-nutrients, the most important is avoiding the industrial food system and cook at home. This means no sugar, no processed carbs or processed foods, no meat, no dairy or eggs, and instead lots of legumes, beans, whole grains, nuts, veggies and fruits. I also eat occasionally wild salmon or dairy.
  • Health metrics tracked daily : resting heart rate, heart rate variability, weight, blood pressure, nutrition intake. Metrics tracked weekly: blood glucose.
  • Objectives : Run 5km < 20mn before end of 2017. Run outdoors during winter. If possible, reach weight of 61.8kg end of 2017. Publish a health app every month until Oct 2017. Give back and write about health and wellness info on DailyHealthPoints.

I also believe it’s essential to enjoy what life provides you. That goes from writing, taking pictures, cooking, having good time with my wife, hiking, receiving friends, and occasionally travelling.


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