There Are No Shortcuts To Good Health

It’s extraordinary what you can find on the Internet: weight-loss pills, miraculous teas, physical performance supplements, or anti-aging pills.

You don’t even have to go deep. A quick search on Amazon will show hundreds of products, many with good reviews.

When someone has bad health, it’s very tempting to get one of these and believe you will get rid of symptoms quick. The reality is that the supplements industry is not regulated by governments. Anyone can call themselves a supplement designer, mix baking powder with pesticides (USA Today article), fool people with marketing tricks, and totally get away with it. There are simply no rules and it’s not far from snake oil salesmen in the 19th century.

The fundamental problem is America’s attitude towards fitness and health. We want to look good, but we don’t want to work for it. It’s a lot like people who want a lifestyle they cannot afford, so they use a mix of credit cards, loans and leases to quickly get this lifestyle.

We would all love a quick fix, be it a pill or a smoothie or some type of new fitness gadget, but let me be the one to tell you what you already know… They don’t work!

You cannot simply buy vitamins and hope to fix problems in your diet. You cannot get pills and expect to get rid of obesity. You cannot buy a fitness gadget and expect to get the benefits of exercise without the sweat. There are simply no quick shortcuts to good health.

What about multivitamins and mineral supplements? All medical research, large-scale observational studies or clinical trials agree multivitamins have no effects on health or mortality. See a summary here. Here’s one of the conclusion by Fortmann et al. study in Dec 2013:

They physiologic systems affected by vitamins and other antioxidants supplements are so complex that the effects of supplementing with only 1 or 2 components is generally ineffective or actually does harm

There are good news though. Regular exercise, rest and proper nutrition DOES WORK.

Instead of unproven “gadgets” like these:


Get these instead:


Here are more simple tips you can follow today:

  • Eating daily vegetables and fruits instead of vitamins
  • Following Mediterranean Diet with plenty of olive oil, beans and whole grains instead of dietary supplements or gimmick food sold in plastic
  • Making sure to move regularly instead of sitting all day
  • Moderate and intense exercise 90mn/week instead of using fitness gadgets
  • Getting a good 6 to 7 hours of sleep every day
  • Building real-life strong friendships and a family instead of spending hours every day on 7 social media platforms

These require consistent effort and in each case, and requires practice every day. And I can guarantee that following these will get you there.

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