Looking out for each other

I’m going to make this quick.

It’s trendy to work on a beach in Thailand or in Bali for the winter.

It’s acceptable to move out to another city for your dream job. Not a lot of people think about it twice.

It’s fashionable to travel around the world and move around with just a backpack.

It’s ok to travel all the time and go see customers and prospects all around the country.

We fulfill our quest for self actualization.

That’s the American Dream and that’s what favorite Instagrammers and Youtubers like to talk about.

We lose out though on one important thing: having people around us who care.

I think this is something that’s rarely talked about and underestimated.

Have people around you who look out will help you when you move out with the heavy boxes. They will encourage you to see the doctor when you are coughing blood or when you have to go through a chemo session. They will also be there to support when you lose your job – knowing that otherwise you will finish that bottle of vodka and be filled with sadness. They will hug you when you’re going through a rough time with your spouse.

Looking out for each other is not as fashionable as getting a new iPhone. It’s not as exciting as going for a trip to Indonesia. But it might save your life next time you are faced with a challenge. And it will make you happy.

So if you want to spend 6 months to be a digital nomad, what if instead the better option is investing time and attention in friends? Inviting friends for a dinner at home and caring for them is less expensive than the air ticket and it will be definitively worth it in the long term.

This is true today. And it will still be true in 10 years.

So Look out for each other!

4 thoughts on “Looking out for each other”

  1. You’re absolutely right Heri!
    I thought about this as well. I have been traveling a lot since childhood and finding a place to grow my roots hasn’t been easy. Now what I cherish the most (even though I am grateful for all the amazing experiences I gained from traveling) are the friendships I have with the people where I live now for many years: NYC. Thanks for sharing this post, it’s also a great reminder!

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    1. Same for me – Canada, France, East Africa etc. I’m not sure I would have done the same thing knowing that my best friends are away in France.

      Look out for your friends, Eleonora!

      Take care,

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  2. Wonderful post, excellent advice. It reminds me of playwright Royall Tyler’s wise words in his play The Contrasts (1787):

    “Why should our thoughts to distant countries roam,
    When each refinement may be found at home?
    Who travels now to ape the rich or great,
    To deck an equipage and roll in state;
    To court the graces, or to dance with ease,
    Or by hypocrisy to strive to please?
    Our free-born ancestors such arts despis’d;
    Genuine sincerity alone they pris’d;
    Their minds, with honest emulation fir’d;
    To solid good–not ornament–aspir’d;”


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