Having Faith


The picture above is one of my favorites. Against all odds, the small sprout lives. I like to compare it to what’s happening in our lives. Life vs death. Faith vs Doubt.

Indeed, the human mind is prone to doubts and weaknesses.

One day we are happily living and suddenly one word, a gesture or pain shadows the future.

Like a cancer, the doubt transforms into questions, darkest fears, and life seems to slip away. What seemed simple is not so simple anymore.

In a few, the pain can lead to the darkest violence. Sometimes against themselves or worse, against others.

Or one can choose to have faith and fight through it. This path is not easy. There are countless barriers to overcome. We are tempted by the easy way out. But like the small sprout in scorched earth, faith can prevail, and the most beautiful thing can happen.

When I go through a challenge, I remind myself of the small sprout. I believe in a brighter outcome and that faith will prevail.

I remind myself that studies show those who are positive have better health and live longer.

Last winter, I went through difficult times, physically and emotionally. In a few weeks, I had a severe infection, as well as symptoms of (Type 2) diabetes, neuropathy, hypothyroidism, high blood sugar.  In simple terms, it means pain, fever, anguish and weakness. This was shocking since I considered myself as a healthy young man. Instead of admitting defeat and taking pills, I believed I could fight through it.

In the beginning, even walking a mile was difficult. My hands and feet were now sensitive to cold and I have lost my endurance. This was my daily battle. But I continued. Soon a mile became five miles a day. I changed the way I ate. I promised myself to commute by bike twice a day instead of taking public transport. And in spite of all the challenges, it worked out.

Today’s news of Trump elected president are sad. He talks of fear, exclusion and division. But we can choose hope and optimism instead, and fight through it. There will be casualties, and it seems easier to just flee to Canada. But we can do the right thing, and believe life will prevail.

If you go through the same situation, think of the small sprout. Be positive and have faith will ultimately prevail.

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10 thoughts on “Having Faith”

    1. Sorry to hear about your child.

      For me it was a complete shock. It was not something I thought would never happen to me.

      Diabetes makes you feel you have hit rock bottom. For me, I had to change everything in my life (except work). I’m happy it worked at the end. I still have to monitor my carbs/glucide intake but I’m definitively feeing better than last year !

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Yeah it was a HUGE shock to us as there is no family history and oh yeah a huge lifestyle change!! YEP same here!

      It has been two years into our journey and thus far all of the ailments this child had since childhood have disappeared, the only one we are having to manage is blood sugar for that we are very happy how it has worked out thus far!

      Keep pushing forward!!! You are an inspiration to others 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing and posting! It really helps to know there are others who have been or are on a similar path!


    3. Thanks so much for sharing your story and commenting. I’m glad you find it inspiring. It encourages me to keep sharing what I learnt through education and practise. I might write a longer text on what went wrong and what well during my fight against diabetes


      Liked by 1 person

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