Listening to your body

It is easy to rely on medical advice, various experts or studies. Remember however to listen to what your body tells you.

Meditation to listen to your body

When faced with a health or body issue, the Internet, friends or various experts will tell you many and different diagnoses. It is important to listen what they have to say and inquire about possible solutions.

Yet, it is your job is to listen to your body on a continuous basis, not the doctor’s. Like Plato and the allegory of the cave, doctors and other experts can only see symptoms through proxies. Indeed, you tell about your symptoms in a certain way, tests are delayed and partial, and no-one didn’t live your life to know about your unique health history and identity.

This means learning what your body is able to do, knowing your breathing, heart, and how your stomach reacts to what you ingest. It is about quieting down and check if there are any changes.

Aside from health issues, this is also by acknowledging when your body feels better. Appreciate the small victories, such as a nice 10km run.

Often, modern life takes you in a whirlwind. Cookie-cutter solutions are thrown to you. You are tempted to follow the miracle diet that everyone is following. This leads often to disappointments and further stress.

Here is what helps me:

  • I never follow blindly what various tells me in terms of health. There are too many articles, tips and things to do, and it can be very stressful. You should do the same for this site. Take only what works for you, and adapt it to your abilities and weaknesses.
  • Cutting back on coffee. It “fools” the brain by disguising body fatigue. You will miss out various signals, e.g. a part of your body signaling for pain.
  • Cutting back on alcohol or drug use.
  • Taking some time off every day, when waking up or going to sleep. It can be a few minutes to sit down in a quiet room. Close your eyes, breathe and mentally review your body.
  • Listening to my body for any negative emotions and how to close them.
  • When following a diet, a training plan, or following a doctor’s prescription, logging every day the effects. Every human being is unique and what worked well for other cases might not work for me. I might have to tweak or stop prescriptions. There are also activity trackers, sports watches, devices, and mobile apps that can measure and log vital metrics.
  • What worked well for me in the past might not work well for me now. Age, diet, diseases, physical training, travel, relationships affect the body. It is indeed important to listen to your body with fresh ears

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